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nwd Hatching the Past is proud to present our newest exhibit, "Nesting with Dinosaurs". This compact exhibition packs all the drama, excitement, and educational content of the larger "Hatching the Past" exhibits into a size that can fit into any space with a price that can fit any budget.

This 800 to 1,800 square foot exhibit includes:

Dinosaurs, Eggs and Embryosornith

  • Authentic dinosaur eggs and nests from different families of dinosaurs
  • Growth series from hatchling to adult dinosaur skull replicas
  • Authentic dinosaur embryo skin displayed under magnification

Hands-on exploration stations play

  • High quality cast eggs, nests and "life-like" models of embryos for active hands-on learning
  • “Play the Paleontologist” and uncover dinosaur eggs buried in rubber “sand”
  • Real fossil leg bone for touching
  • Assemble a dinosaur leg bone puzzle
  • Magnifier to look up close at eggshell structure
  • “Play the Dinosaur Parent” photo-op with costumes, dinosaur nest, vinyl fabric eggs and eight foot tall background mural rookery scene from Mongolia by Luis V. Rey
  • Reading area with books and egg shaped chairs to hatch from
  • Jurassic play land with dinosaur models (age 6 and under)

Graphic panels and mediasaro

  • Large colorful illustrations by Luis V. Rey and Mark Hallett
  • Framed photographs by National Geographic photographer and Oscar winner Louie Psihoyos
  • Video presentations featuring paleontologists including Robert Bakker, Philip Currie, Mark Norell, and Others
  • Animated computer games
  • Spanish translation handout

Painting by Luis V. Rey

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