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logo The class, sophistication and intrigue of this 1996 National Geographic cover story can come to your institution.  "The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt" travels with an exceptional collection of nests and eggs many of which were featured in the article.  This is paired with up-to-date science, an expansive play area, petting zoo, and hands-on specimens.  "The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt" is a sensational blend of "What and Wow."

This 3,500 - 7000 square foot exhibit includes:

ngcoverDinosaurs, eggs, embryos and models

  • An amazing “wow” collection of over 100 real eggs from around the globe.  Some were first seen in May 1996 National Geographic Magazine.
  • Flock of Psittacosaur mounted, cast juvenile skeletons
  • Mounted cast skeletons of a Protoceratops family group
  • Authentic dinosaur embryo skin displayed under magnification
  • Authentic juvenile lower leg and foot
  • Mounted cast skeleton of a brooding oviraptor
  • "Life-like" models of “Baby Louie” by Brian Cooley and Gary Staab

Hands-on exploration stations

  • High quality cast eggs, nests and "life-like" models of embryos for active hands-on learningpetting
  • Dinosaur “Petting Zoo” with five baby dinosaurs in period correct habitats and eight foot tall background mural depicting five life-size parent dinosaurs 
  • Tyrannosaurid adult and juvenile lower jaw replicas with teeth for touching
  • “Play the Paleontologist” and uncover dinosaur eggs buried in rubber “sand”
  • Large cast nest of eggs from Patagonia for touching
  • Real fossil leg bone for touching
  • Assemble a dinosaur leg bone puzzle
  • Magnifiers to look up close and compare eggshell structure
  • “Play the Dinosaur Parent” photo-op with costumes, dinosaur nests, vinyl fabric eggs and eight foot tall backdrop mural rookery scenes from Patagonia and Mongolia by Luis V. Rey
  • 8 foot diameter cast nest for touching
  • Reading area with books and egg shaped chairs to hatch from
  • Jurassic play land with dinosaur models (age 6 and under)raptor

Graphic panels and media

  • Large colorful illustrations by Luis V. Rey and Mark Hallett
  • Framed photographs by National Geographic photographer and Oscar winner, Louie Psihoyos
  • Video presentations featuring paleontologists including Robert Bakker, Philip Currie, Mark Norell, and Others
  • Animated computer games
  • Bilingual signage and labels

Painting by Luis V. Rey

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Hatching the Past