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Introduction – What is and is not an egg? This section includes various examples of eggs such as emu, ostrich, hummingbird, “elephant bird” Aepyornis and dinosaur. Discuss the importance of eggs and the people who find them.


Ceratopsian Babies – Eggs from this family group have yet to be discovered, however the social behavior of these groups has been observed in the fossil record and is shown with cast skeletons of Psittacosaurs, mounted casts of a Protoceratops family group, and a film titled “A Flock of Young Dinosaurs.”


Sauropod Eggs – Featuring a collection of Sauropod eggs from France, India and Argentina and a tiny piece of preserved fossilized embryonic skin displayed through magnification.  This section also has a film “Sauropod Family Values.”
orn Ornithopod Eggs – Find out how babies hatched and left their eggs to be fossilized. View a variety of eggs from China, a real fossil adult hadrosaur leg bone for touching.
the Theropod Eggs – Oviraptor eggs are some of the most numerous of the Theropod egg discoveries. Learn how Oviraptor was wrongly named “egg thief” and was later found to be a caring parent.  This section has various sized Theropod eggs and nests, and “Life Assemblage” film.


Oviraptor Hatchling – a look at the only articulated dinosaur hatchling ever discovered and nick-named “Baby Louie”.  This section has a corresponding film about “Baby Louie,” a pair of 18 inch long giant eggs like the ones “Baby Louie” hatched from and an eight foot diameter nest of giant eggs (large exhibition only).


Dinosaur Enigma - Find out what makes this dinosaur the odd ball of the dinosaur egg world.  Includes Therizinosaur eggs and a discussion of how tiny embryos are revealed.
For the Interactive Learner
Touch Stands - Explore the texture, shape, and feel of our fossil collection with these "hands on" cast replicas. touch2
“Play the Dinosaur” - with costumes, play nest, life-size mural backdrop and props. play
“Play the Paleontologist” -uncover dinosaur eggs buried in rubber “pseudo” sand. assemble a dinosaur tibia in its plaster jacket. digpit
Build-A-Bone - Assemble a dinosaur leg bone in its plaster jacket. bone
Jurassic Play Land - Play with dinosaur models for visitors age 6 and under play
Hatch from an egg - egg shaped chair to sit and read about dinosaurs. dchair
Computer Games -Play eight different computer games compgms
Unique to "The Great Dinosaur Egg Hunt"
Dino Petting Zoo - Touch a baby Triceratops, Stegosaur, Maiasaura, Apatosaurus, and, of course, T-rex in a dinosaur petting zoo with life-size mural backdrop of the parent dinosaurs, stg


Hatching the Past