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logoEggs and Babies is a unique exhibit that packs an extensive collection of high quality nests and eggs into a size that is flexible for most museum halls.  Each section features both exquisite real fossils and touchable high quality replicas.  Eggs and Babies brings you a sense of adventure when learning about the always fascinating dinosaur.  This exhibit is a multi generational experience that shares prehistoric family life with the children and families of today.

This 3,500 to 4,500 square foot exhibition includes:

Yale Peabody Gallery

Dinosaurs, eggs, embryos and models OviraptorMural

  • An excellent collection of over 70 authentic eggs and nests from all over the globe including each of the major plant and meat eating dinosaur groups.
  • Mounted skeleton of an emu hatchling
  • Fleshed out models of a Protoceratops family group in period correct habitat
  • Growth series from hatchling to adult cast Psittacosaur skulls
  • Mounted cast skeletons of juvenile Protoceratops and Psittacosaurus
  • Authentic dinosaur embryo skin displayed under magnification
  • "Life-like" models of embryos by William Monteleone and Brian Cooley

Hands-on exploration stations bone

  • High quality cast eggs, nests and "life-like" models of embryos for active hands-on learning
  • “Play the Paleontologist” and uncover dinosaur eggs buried in rubber “sand”
  • Large cast nest of eggs from Patagonia for touching
  • Real fossil leg bone for touching
  • Assemble a dinosaur leg bone puzzle
  • Magnifiers to look up close at eggshell structure
  • “Play the Dinosaur Parent” photo-op with costumes, dinosaur nest, vinyl fabric eggs and eight foot tall background mural rookery scene from Mongolia by Luis V. Rey
  • Reading area with books and egg shaped chairs to hatch from

Graphic panels and media

  • Large colorful illustrations by Luis V. Rey and Mark Hallett
  • Eight foot tall mural rookery scene from Patagonia
  • Framed photographs by National Geographic photographer and Oscar winner Louie Psihoyos
  • Video presentations featuring paleontologists including Robert Bakker, Philip Currie, Mark Norell, and Others
  • Animated computer games
  • Spanish translation handout

Painting by Luis V. Rey

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Hatching the Past