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Florence / Charlie
Curator / Preparator
Alison Magovern
Graphic Design
Alanna Magovern
Exhibit Designer
Nicholas Regester
Exhibit Production Manager

In the News

In 1993, while painstakingly preparing a nest of fossilized dinosaur eggs under a microscope in his prep lab in Boulder, Colorado, Charlie Magovern made the remarkable discovery of a fully articulated dinosaur embryo. This embryo, named “Baby Louie,” is the most complete dinosaur embryo ever found. This incredible discovery was featured as the cover story of National Geographic in May of 1996. 

As the excitement of this discovery grew, Charlie and his wife, Florence, felt it important to do something special to share it with others. In the year 2000, with help from the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the University of Tennessee Frank McClung Museum, Yale University Peabody Museum and others, Florence organized the traveling exhibit Hatching the Past. Since then, the exhibition has visited many other prestigious Museums and Institutions throughout the U.S. including the Cranbrook Institute of Science, the Orlando Science Center and the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.

In 2008, the Magoverns teamed up with Australian based exhibit design company, Gondwana Studios and Hatching the Past began touring internationally. Hatching the Past has become a world class traveling exhibition seen in Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.  It began its tour of Europe at Museo Jurasico (MUJA) Asturias, Spain.

The future is bright for Hatching the Past with fresh new energy and input from younger members of the Magovern family business. 

Alison Magovern, Graphic Designer, graduated from the Art Institute of Denver with a degree in Graphic Design. She helps create new graphic elements for the exhibit and marketing packages.

Alanna Magovern, Exhibit Designer, graduated from University of Colorado, Boulder with degrees in Anatomy and Fine Art. She brings a new design outlook to Hatching the Past making a more interactive hands-on experience for visitors.

Nicholas Regester, Exhibit Production Manager, joined the family business in 2011 when Hatching the Past went through its rebuild. He graduated from Long Island University in 1999 and went to Sea with Ocean Classroom Foundation to teach children sailing, seamanship, and navigation as a mate on traditional Tall Ships. He brings with him knowledge of carpentry, mechanics, electronics, and materials with an understanding of youth mentality. 

Florence, Alanna, and Nicholas now make up the full time U.S. staff of Hatching the Past and look forward to working with you on future installs.


Exhibit Credits

Contributing Scientists:         

Robert  T. Bakker, Curator, Paleontology Department
Houston Museum of Natural Science 

Kenneth Carpenter, Director
Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum, Price 

Luis Chiappe, Curator and Chairman, Division of Paleontology
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County 

Karen Chin, Curator of Paleontology
University of Colorado Museum, Boulder 

Philip J. Currie, Professor and Canada Research Chair
University of Alberta, Canada 

Jacques Gauthier, Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
Peabody Museum, Yale University 

Karl Hirsch (deceased)
University of Colorado, Boulder

John “Jack” Horner, Curator of Paleontology
Montana State University, Museum of the Rockies 

Jinyuan Liu, Curator
Dalian Natural History Museum, China

Mark Norell, Curator and Chairman, Division of Paleontology
American Museum of Natural History 

Darla Zelenitsky, Assistant Professor
University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Exhibition Photographer:

Louie Psihoyos, Boulder, Colorado

Contributing Artists:  

Brian Cooley, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Mark Hallett, Portland, Oregon
William Monteleone, Alista Viejo, California
Gregory Paul, Baltimore, Maryland
John Sibbick, London, England
Gary Staab, Kearney, Missouri
Luis V. Rey, London, England
Dennis Wilson, Denver, Colorado

Design and Production Support:

Bruce Museum of Arts and Science
Greenwich, Connecticut

Frank McClung Museum
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Gondwana Studios
Tasmania, Australia

Harvard Museum of Natural History
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Peabody Museum, Yale University
New Haven, Connecticut

Hatching the Past